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Redbox Will Soon Carry Videogames In Over 21,000 Locations

Redbox is a popular DVD rental kiosk that is found in many grocery stores. Users walk up to the big red machine and select from a list of popular movies and new releases. Consumers pay one or two dollars, and have a DVD vended out to them. Everything is done electronically of course, and the machines accept multiple forms of payment. To return the movie, customers simply scan the receipt and/or DVD and are merrily on their way.

It’s a great system, and it looks like it is about to get even better! Starting June 17th, over 21,000 Redbox kiosks will rent top video games for the PlayStation 3, Xbox360, and Nintendo Wii for only $2 a day. Redbox had previously been experimenting with video game rentals in 5,000 of its kiosks over the past two years and are now betting that the same people who rent DVDs and Blu-Rays will partake in a little video game action when they get home to their television sets.

What a great way to persuade your kids into coming with you to the supermarket! Hey Johnny, are you sure you don’t want to come with me to get some groceries? I’ll get you a game from Redbox when we are all done……Moms, meet your new bargaining chip, and folks in college, here’s your big break from those exams.

Photo Courtesy of EdwardD
Photo Courtesy of Cinefil