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Verizon Will Put Location Tracking Stickers On Phones

Verizon is responding to the concerns of many worried individuals in Congress. In a response to Massachusetts Congressman Ed Markey, Verizon has said that they will put a sticker on every phone warning users that they tracked their locations. The removable screen notice would specifically mention that the wireless carriers associated the location data with customer information. Subscribers would then be asked to check their location settings if they were concerned and to be “cautious” when it came to allowing privileges for specific applications.

Verizon said that the labels would ship out with all new phones, “soon.” Of course, Verizon would be the first carrier to offer such a warning. Apple and Google both have hearings on May 10th to explain their roles in the tracking situations. At Verizon, for example, location data is stored up to seven years.

I personally do not think that the storage of location data is harmful to consumers unless the data is unencrypted. If unencrypted, one could easily obtain the information about a specific individual (assuming Verizon’s tracking system is different than Apple or Google), as its warning label will say. There is no doubt that we will hear much more on this matter in the coming weeks and months. Not to mention the television coverage that is soon to follow. Stay tuned, we are making history.

Photo Courtesy of EricHauser
Photo Courtesy of AdrianBlack