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Motorola Droid 3- Photos Leaked!

Although many argue that Droid 2 was not much of an upgrade of the first Droid, the same group is excited to see that Droid 3 might be the exact phone we were waiting for. From the leaked photos, we can see that the Droid 3 will have a larger display than the previous models. Some believe that it might turn out to be a qHD display, since newer Motorola cellphones are getting shipped out with them.

Along with the larger screen is a front-facing camera for video-chatting, something that hasn’t yet been seen on previous Verizon Motorola phones. The phone will also come shipped with the latest version and build of Android Gingerbread, Google’s Operating System.

Of course, with this OS installed, users will get to enjoy the benefits of Google Talk (what I like to call free text messaging), as well as all the goodies that are shipped with Android. We believe that the Droid 3 will have 4G Long Term Evolution support but obviously it hasn’t been confirmed yet. We still do not have word on if the device will be running Motoblur or not, as we do not have any leaked specs just yet. We’ll keep you posted as we learn more about the specs, pricing, and release date so stay tuned!

Photo Courtesy of IntoMobile
Photo Courtesy of IntoMobile