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Pepsi’s Plan To Beat Coke: Build Interactive Vending Machines

I can’t say I actively seek Pepsi when I am out at a restaurant or near a vending machine, it usually finds me. Yes, I am one of those people who can tell the difference between Coke and Pepsi. I find Pepsi to be far too sweet for my tastes, and I find the diet version to be undrinkable. Call me a snob, it doesn’t bother me, I like to drink Coke, and that’s that. Well, it looks like Pepsi may have found a solution to this problem with people like me, and that’s through touchscreen innovation. Pepsi will bring the social media experience to a plain ol’ vending machine, wait what?

Pepsi’s new line of touchscreen vending machines will not only serve their usual cold drinks but also allow you to interact with the machine. Rather than pressing a sticky plastic button, people will get to interact with a colorful, animated user-interface, with swipe controls, and able to buy a drink, buy a gift for a friend (in the form of a code that they receive through a text message), check rewards, and look up nutritional info for your favorite drink.

I am sure Pepsi didn’t factor “long lines” into the equation when they were creating this interactive machine, but hey- I am all for “2011-looking devices.” I’ve always wanted to know what living in the future felt like. While this won’t change my drinking patterns with Pepsi, I am sure it will be the tipping point to those who can’t tell the difference between the two colas. Hey, if social is what it takes to win, go for it! Check out the video for a brief demo.

Photo Courtesy of Lali
Photo Courtesy of Geekologie