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Android Is In The Lead, But Can Microsoft Beat Apple?

Apple’s App Store was the first to come to life for the mobile community, and the first to gain such wide recognition among individuals. Although Apple has double the number of applications at 400,000, than Android does, Android offers 12,500 more free applications than Apple does. While Apple only offers 121,845 apps free for download, Android offers 134,342. If you couple this recent gain with the fact that Android is now the most wanted operating system on a mobile phone (even if by 1% higher than iOS), it may be that the iPhone’s reign is over.

The same report also suggested that Microsoft’s Window Phone platform will be the major winner over the few months, despite receiving a slow start. In my personal opinion, Android will take the lead with Apple falling to second place and Microsoft in third. I honestly do not think Microsoft has what it takes to be a top contender.

Let’s face it, Windows Mobile was a complete flop- the operating system was laggy, buggy, glitchy, and “all of the above.” Even if Windows Phone 7 is a terrific operating system, it came too late. Superior products are built and refined over time, you can’t just throw a piece of software on the market and see it flourish. People need to adapt to the operating system, understand it, and if it’s good, the word will spread.

Photo Courtesy of Sakaki
Photo Courtesy of Sakaki