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Cool New iOS Apps For Free

The new Apple app, VoxOx is the perfect Voice Over Internet phone app that combines VoIP and traditional calling to let users have more options for calls and texts. This app is of course more affordable than a traditional phone plan, which is its main selling point. It includes features like the ability to send and receive SMS text messages (free), email copies of transcripts, create additional phone numbers and even change caller ID.

The app lets you conference with up to 20 people and receives faxes, allowing you to view them on your mobile device (iPad or iPhone). The next major app out right now is called Onavo, that “funnels” your data signals off the company’s cloud-based software. The data is then compressed, allowing to use more data for your pre-determined monthly plan, and we all know those AT&T plans can come at a steep price.

Also Check out the third hottest app right now, this time for Metal fans, an app called Slayer. Slayer includes information about the Metal group’s band, packed with tour dates, bios, and everything you need to stay on top with Slayer. Slayer’s app includes exclusive content that can’t be found anywhere else, so be sure to check it out.

Photo Courtesy of FlorinH
Photo Courtesy of VoIPMan