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D-Link Spins Off MiiiCasa; Gets Lost In The Cloud

D-Link has recently announced that it will be spinning off MiiiCasa, a cloud software that is already running on some of D-Links routers. The software allows router users to stream many types of content such as video and audio throughout their home. The technology works through MiiiCasa devices and is like a cloud-hosting environment for your home. You can share content from TVs to tablets, computers to notebooks.

D-Link will be turning the MiiiCasa unit into a standalone business unit for now and will complete the spin off later. D-Link branded devices will still be offered using MiiiCasa services. With advances in cloud computing we can see what an impact information sharing has on our lives.

We live in an information era, where consumers aren’t looking to being tied down by wires and limited by constraints. We want virtual freedom, to be able to take our media with us wherever we go and to have the power of choice. This is why we are seeing a flood of choices in electronics, dual-screen laptops, laptop/tablet hybrids, and so forth. Today’s society is all about freedom to choose, and having information with us at all times of the day. This is the power of the cloud, and I predict we will see many advances in cloud computing in the coming years. Take a look at the video to learn more about MiiiCasa.

Photo Courtesy of tnarik