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Go Green For $20, New IKEA Lamp

IKEA has introduced a new eco-friendly table lamp that is the perfect way to help reduce our carbon footprint. The solar-powered lamp is called the Solvinden and is packed with three rechargeable AA batteries and a solar charger. The batteries power the lamp for about four hours and while simple in design, it’s an excellent way of lighting up your home without hitting your electricity bill. The lamp weighs in to be about two pounds and recharging times takes 9-12 hours in sunlight with over 12 hours on a cloudy day.

IKEA recommends positioning the solar panel for maximum exposure to sunlight to ensure you’ll have your four hours use at night (perfect for some bedside reading). The lamp’s bulb is an LED light bulb that is built in. The LED life span is roughly 20,000 hours.

The light produced is nice warm lighting, measured at 3000 Kelvin. Of course, the lamp also has an on/off switch and is approved to be used outdoors as well, provided that there is covering of some type from natural weather. Overall, this looks like an awesome way of brightening up your day and a great way of going green without having to invest too much money! Get yours today at the nearest IKEA by you.

Photo Courtesy of IKEA
Photo Courtesy of ChuckC