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RIM’s Bulletproof BlackBerry Balance Revealed

RIM (Research In Motion) has announced today, a product that is meant to create a wall between personal lives and work lives. The service is called BlackBerry Balance. With BlackBerry Balance, users will be given a unified view of the applications and data on their smartphones. This will allow users to separate business information meant to stay within the company and personal stuff that has nothing to do with your work.

One of the top concerns of information security is through data leaks via popular social media platforms. This is especially the case when individuals have sensitive business data located right by their favorite social media app. Oh how tempting it would be to send via Twitter.

With BlackBerry Balance, vital business information will not be able to be copied into Facebook, Twitter, Windows Live, Hotmail, Gmail, and Yahoo accounts. Data created by business applications can only be used with business applications, not personal ones. Furthermore, the BlackBerry balance service is tied to a BES 5.03 server which gives administrators the ability to wipe out all business information on the phone if an employee leaves the company. This is the same for lost or stolen phones.

Photo Courtesy of IbanN
Photo Courtesy of MichelH