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AMD Introduces Phenom II 980 Black Edition

As we have seen earlier, Intel is stepping up its game in the processing market, but what about AMD? Advanced Micro Devices, based in Sunnyvale California is the well known rival to Intel. They will be competing against Intel’s fastest chip with the new AMD Phenom II 980 Black Edition Desktop microprocessor. This central processing unit will be perfect for avid gamers or those who stress over frame rates.

This seems like a move on AMDs part to make sure they stay in the game and provide quality power for budget consumers. Although Anantech claims that there are currently eight Intel chips that are faster than this new AMD Phenom II 980, it is still nice to give consumers the option of saving money when building or upgrading their current gaming rig.

The chip runs at 3.7GHz and has 2MB of onboard-L2 cache, or six times less onboard cache than an Intel chip. It sells for $195 and is the perfect solution to those not looking to spend double on a powerful Intel chip. After all, we are still in a recession, people! This may just be the chip you need to turn your computer into a gaming machine.

Photo Courtesy of PriorArt
Photo Courtesy of ComputerShopper