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AT&T Aims To Destroy Groupon & Co.

Groupon, you’re toast. Or at least that’s what AT&T is thinking right now. The telecommunications giant began pre-registration to consumers in Los Angeles, Atlanta, and Dallas-Fort Worth for a service through the company’s yellowpages.com. Under the new system, YP will send daily deals to consumers. The company is currently offering ten dollars toward the first Deal of the Day to those who sign up through May 22nd.

The service is expected to launch in a few weeks. Dawn Benton, a spokesperson for AT&T said that the deals will be sent to users via email. Overtime, however, they will be broadcast to mobile phones also.

Benton calls this strategy a “natural evolution” for AT&T. Although, I always question what an unnatural “evolution” would be too. Are Verizon and AT&T suddenly adopting Charles Darwin’s beliefs publicly or is “evolution” a new trend word used by the telecommunications giants? In either case, it looks like AT&T will not only be battling Groupon, but also Facebook’s new deal system along with Google Offers. AT&T’s ShopAlert will also text information about nearby deals to consumers in Chicago, Los Angeles, New York, and San Francisco. So, in a world of deals, who is the winner?

Photo Courtesy of Janis
Photo Courtesy of NevilleH