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US Intelligence Scans Bin Laden’s PCs

After Operation Geronimo occurred on Monday morning, Osama Bin Laden was killed from several gunshot wounds to the head and chest. As people watched the video live from video cameras mounted on Special Forces helmets, many were pleased that the Al-Qaeda leader had gotten what was coming to him, even if it took ten years.

The computer equipment seized during the operation left by Osama Bin Laden, is currently being analyzed by US Military Intelligence experts. John Brennan, a White House insider stated that “We are trying to determine exactly the worth of whatever information we might have been able to pick up.”

The United States hopes that the computers reveal additional information about Al-Qaeda members and possible where abouts of concerned individuals. The government hopes that the computers will give them the necessary information to continue destroying Al-Qaeda, piece by piece. I certainly hope the U.S. can extract as much data on those PCs as possible. They may just be the exact tools we have been looking for to advance the breaking down of radical extremists.

Photo Courtesy of JDub
Photo Courtesy of NVinnaco

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