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Mac OS No Longer “Bulletproof”

InfoWorld’s Security Adviser Roger Grimes has argued that “obscurity is the greatest security defense a platform can have” and notes that Windows and Internet Explorer have been hit more successfully than Mac or Safari. Grimes notes that even when MacSweeper (malware that had targeted the Mac) was novel, the Mac OS had proven to be nearly bulletproof. Unfortunately, as many experts have predicted, Mac specific malware has become more and more common.

One development that may be attracting cyber criminal attention is the emergence of the world’s first do-it-yourself crimeware kit primed for Mac OS X. The tool enables users to build malware to turn victim Mac OS X machines into zombies with point-and-click simplicity. They kit is called Weyland-Yutani Bot and is composed of a builder that allows users to create malware capable of Web injections and form grabbing. It also has an administration panel and supports encryption.

The kit is currently compatible with both Firefox and Chrome with Safari support to soon follow. The kit costs about $1,000 and can be purchased only through virtual currencies. We will have to wait for this years WWDC to see whether Jobs has implemented higher security within OS X Lion against malware such as these. Although, no matter how advanced computer security, you can never prevent anything. In any case, let’s see what Apple’s innovation can bring to the table this time.

Photo Courtesy of OfficialAVG
Photo Courtesy of Candescent