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Police Raid Google Office; Seize Hard Drives

Police in South Korean stormed Google’s Korea head office in Seoul on Tuesday under the suspicion that the branch office had illegally collected location data from application subscribers. Detective, Seonghun Kim said that the raid wasn’t directly related to Google but to an app development company under Google. The app illegally collected location information from subscribers who installed the app in a reference to AdMob, a Google acquisition.

Cybercrime officers carried out the raid to secure Google’s hard drives, and computer data related to Google’s AdMob platform. Google had no comment on the raid. The subsidiary agency collected personal data with a smartphone application, according to the Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency’s Cyber Terror Response Center.

This marks the second time Google has come under South Korean fire. Police are expected to release more details as they are made available. It is yet to be seen whether Google will make a statement on this matter. I would be interested to know if the same thing is happening at any other Google offices around the world. I think we often fall under the suspicion that well known brands are bulletproof, but as we’ve seen with Sony, that couldn’t be further from the truth.

Photo Courtesy of OceanD
Photo Courtesy of Zennish