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Sony Flakes On Congressional Meeting, U.S. Gov’t Furious

With over 100 million Sony users having their information hacked, and nearly 13,000 stolen credit cards, you’d think the people at Sony would realize they are in deep $hit. Well, apparently the company is not ready to face the music quite yet, as it has declined to testify at an imminent US Congressional hearing. The hearing will address “The Threat of Data Theft to American Consumers” and will be held by the Subcommittee of Commerce, Manufacturing and Trade this Wednesday.

Sony of course, will not show up. Why? The company claims that they are in the midst of an intensive ongoing investigation. Sony originally had until May 6th to respond, but having declined the invitation, the subcommittee got pissed off and pulled the investigation up to May 3rd, today. Senior adviser and spokesman for the subcommittee, Ken Johnson acknowledged that Sony is going through a tough time at the moment but stressed that they need answers, immediately.

He went on to say that the hearing would help determine whether US Congress should create a federal data breach notification law. It was only after forensic analysis was conducted before Sony realized nearly 13,000 credit cards were stolen. In my personal opinion, nobody should ever miss a court date, despite the reason. Whether it’s a 15 year old juvenile or a large corporation, never miss the court date!

Photo Courtesy of Joell
Photo Courtesy of Chrisinply