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American Airlines Offers Internet @ Streaming Speeds

American Airlines announced on Tuesday that it was testing a new video service for its in-flight Wi-Fi connection. Instead of using movies that are already stored on the plane, the airline would stream TV live to consumer smartphones directly on the plane. Although there was no mention of any platforms, analysts predict that Android and iOS products would be the first to receive support.

The system is backed on the reliable Aircell system and is already being tested on two Boeing 767 cross-ocean jets. Customers will be able to enjoy a demo of the service this coming summer. The airline is expecting an FAA approval to be ready for a full scale launch this coming Fall.

With the service, the carrier outlined a straightforward plan to expand the service. For one, the most common complaint of Wifi would be addressed, the lack of access on shorter flights. By adding WiFi to its narrow-body craft, this problem would be circumvented. The new in-flight Internet should begin this summer and continue through next year. If you’re flying anytime soon, be sure to book with American Airlines and let us know how the service is. If it’s good enough, the airline may see a surge in bookings. Check out a three year old video on in-flight wireless internet to get an idea of how cool it is to stay connected, especially on those long flights!

Photo Courtesy of BoeingDreamscape
Photo Courtesy of EricJ