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First Dynamic Firewall For Android, WhisperMonitor

There have been an increasing number of attempts of malware available to Android users. A lot of these applications are disguised as free apps and even if these apps have a five star rating, a low number of ratings can be an indicator that the app you are about to download is malware. That said, Moxie Marlinspike released the first dynamic Android firewall today called WhisperMonitor.

The firewall was specifically designed for Android phones and monitors all outbound connection attempts by installed applications and the operating system. Why is this useful? Usually, mobile malware’s main goal is to retrieve personal data from your phone and send it outbound to whoever the malware’s creator was.

With this new firewall, you’ll know if something is up with your phone. Users of this firewall will have the option of blocking URLs or port numbers accessed with it. Users can also set firewall rules for individual apps and provide a connection history for apps on the phone. WhisperMonitor also comes with WhisperCore, a device-level encryption app for Android storage. If you have an Android phone, give it a download and let us know what you think!

Photo Courtesy of UMPCPortal
Photo Courtesy of UberGizmo