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Google: The Web Is What You Make Of It

I have never once seen a commercial from Google, until today. That’s what gives it the impact, the fact that a Google commercial is such a rarity. I’ve seen PLENTY of Apple commercials, plenty of Microsoft commercials, plenty of Sony commercials, and plenty of Dell commercials, but never once a Google commercial. This new commercial by Google is called “Dear Sophie” and shows a father chronicling the life of his daughter by sending email notes with photos and videos as she grows up with the intention of someday sharing this e-mail account with her.

The campaign was headed by VP of Google Creative Labs, Andy Berndt and Ad Agency Bartle Bogle Hegarty. Google’s intentions with this commercial was to show the flexibility in using Google products, and the flexibility of using the Internet, in general.

The NY Times calls the commercial “the web is what you make of it” campaign, which I can see that theme following through if Google decides to release more commercials in the future. Google’s largest problem at this point is reaching the wide audience that don’t know they can download a new browser (one that is not pre-installed) on a purchased computer. Although you can send photos, videos, and emails on any platform, perhaps this commercial will reach the hearts of many and cause them to switch to Google?

Photo Courtesy of Mjording
Photo Courtesy of fsse