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Microsoft App Store Confirmed W/ Photo

There were rumors circulating around just a little while ago saying that Microsoft was working on its own App store. Well, today we finally have some solid proof towards that rumor. After a code check was performed by Windows8Italia, as well as the thumbnail shown, it looks like Microsoft is designing an App store that looks very similar to the current Mac App store. The Windows App Store will have ratings, reviews, and developer feedback.

Microsoft also plans to offer unique downloads for both Windows Phone 7 and Xbox 360, allowing users to obtain the trial version of an app and unlocking it instead of going through a forced second download. Developers are expected to provide the usual description metadata, screen captures, and system requirements so the user knows what he or she is getting into prior to downloading.

The Windows 8 app store will also require applications to inform users if they need specific gear for the app, such as a GPS receiver or a webcam. All in all, it looks like Microsoft is gearing up to stay up to date with the times. I hope the apps do not disappoint!

Photo Courtesy of TsukaB
Photo Courtesy of UberGizmo