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Samsung Series 7 Convertible In The Flesh

Samsung will launch its Series 7 convertible (tablet/notebook hybrid) later this year. The convertible was shown at CES 2011 in Las Vegas earlier this year. The beautiful device features a sliding keyboard with a tilt screen, all packed in a super slim chassis. The product was briefly displayed on Amazon.com before getting pulled, and we were able to extract a few details from the webpage.

The convertible will definitely carry 2GB of RAM, 32GB of internal SSD storage space, but we do not have any information yet on other hardware components, such as processing power and graphics. The listing showed that the device was $650 which seems a little steep for the listed specs.

Based on the high price I can only guess that this will feature a Tegra 3 processor. Of course the webpage was offering to pre-order the device, since the convertible isn’t due till later this year. If you haven’t seen footage of the Series 7 convertible yet, definitely take a peak at the videos below. The first is a quick recap in under a minute, and the second video is a longer, 5 minute debrief on the brand new convertible (and no, we’re not talking about cars, here). Enjoy the footage!

Photo Courtesy of UberGizmo
Photo Courtesy of Tanakawho