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Twitter Eyes Tweetdeck For $50 Million

According to social media sources, Twitter is on the verge of buying TweetDeck for $50 million. Analysts are expecting a cash and stock deal to close within the next ten days and to be one of Twitters largest acquisitions to date. Twitter itself is just under five years old, so relatively speaking, this is a huge purchase for the company. This will be a great addition to the Twitter organization because the company will now be able to incorporate Tweetdeck’s slick interface and enhanced capabilities.

I find that these two qualities are most important to the majority of consumers who are looking for an enjoyable experience. People buy Macs because they are beautiful, when people choose an LCD screen for their PC, they choose one that looks aesthetically pleasing in addition to hardware specs. I feel the same is for software; we prefer to use aesthetically pleasing (at least, somewhat) applications on our favorite phones.

Most importantly though, the acquisition will represent Twitter safely removing a growing opponent in Social Media, a move that might play critical later down the road. What do you guys think of the deal? Is Twitter growing too strong, too fast, or do you welcome the interface upgrade? Let us know what you think, down below!

Photo Courtesy of JohanL
Photo Courtesy of RosauraO