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Google Brings 360 Internal Views Of Businesses

In Google’s effort to bust down walls in hopes of a transparent information world, they may have taken it a step too far this time. Google will be introducing a new feature that allows users to see what a business looks like from the inside. The service will begin piping through the Internet in the United States, Japan, and a few other countries next week. Business owners will be given the option to show their offices and businesses from the inside-out, providing 360-degree tours of the place.

I am not sure whether employees will be asked to remain seated and working or will clear the room, but I am envisioning an empty room with empty seats and monitors turned off. While I am sure the masses think this is a cool feature, I can bet that a few business owners are not fond of the idea. After all, would you really want random strangers looking at your business equipment, servers, or networks? Is there a limit to information transparency?

Americans value privacy, but are business owners any different? These are perhaps some questions that Google should be asking themselves before embarking on new features such as this one. Of course, they won’t start shooting your office without permission, but another question might be how they verify owners, etc. Whatever philosophical questions I type for Google will not stop this service from launching next week, so be sure to check it out!

Photo Courtesy of MelanieP
Photo Courtesy of Ariasaki