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HTC Marvel- Photo + Spec Leak

TmoNews grabbed a few photos showing off the new HTC phone that is due after the Sensation and Doubleshot later this year. The leaked pictures you see is the HTC Marvel, which is basically a renamed Wildfire S with a larger screen. The HTC Marvel (seen on the right) will be an entry level Android phone with a 3.2″ screen, a 600MHz Snapdragon processor, 5MP rear camera, Android 2.3 (Gingerbread), HTC Sense, integrated social apps and widgets, and NFC support.

No clue on yet on release dates, or pricing, but we are expecting the phone to hit stores sometime this summer, especially since it just received FCC clearance. The phone of course will be made available through T-Mobile.

The processor doesn’t impress me too much, but I’m glad to see that Near-Fields Communications technology is on there. This means you will be able to use your cellphone to pay for things just by tapping it to an ereader. I would say that the NFC technology is the key emphasis in this phone since 5MP cameras are becoming standard these days and any new Android phone will already carry Gingerbread. As far as the integrated social apps and widgets, well, that comes with every HTC Android phone, so…nothing new there.

Photo Courtesy of UberGizmo
Photo Courtesy of itsZero