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Microsoft’s New Campaign: Do The Math

Microsoft has just launched a new ad campaign called Do The Math. The website compares Apple computers to Windows counterparts and shows the large price differences for the same exact specs. What confuses me is why this campaign was launched in 2011 and not 2002. Apple has been selling overpriced computers ever since they got fancy.

When you are buying a Mac, you are paying solely for the design, since the Mac OS can be purchase for around $120 and installed as a dual operating system on any PC. In terms of the rumor of Macs being better for photos and videos, that is only partially true. Since graphics cards that are much more powerful, can be purchased and installed for PCs, Macs are no better than the DIY graphics cards on the market.

The partial truth comes in Apple’s software. Some video editing software is Mac only, and although you can easily do good editing on PCs, Mac supposedly has the best video editing software. But when we are talking specs, Mac is no better than a PC. Which brings me back to aforementioned conclusion, users are only paying for the design and the trendy brand.

Photo Courtesy of NatashaC
Photo Courtesy of BenN