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Rumor: Facebook Plans To Buy Skype

A close source to Facebook has told Reuters that Facebook plans to buy Skype at $4 billion, which is a lot more money than what it’s worth, about $1 billion. Consider this a game of monopoly when you already own 2 orange properties and you’re trading for the third orange property. The other player won’t sell you that third orange property to create your monopoly unless it is for a high price. How does four times the value sound? Sounds just like Monopoly to me.

A different source claims that Skype won’t be necessarily “bought” but will act more as a joint venture between the two parties. This doesn’t make a whole lot of sense to me, but I imagine if Facebook is looking towards some type of new Facebook Calling feature with Skype, it might work out as a joint partnership.

In previous times, Skype launched Facebook tab for version 5 of its software that allowed Facebook friends to call one another over Skype. I am sure Zuckerberg has something bigger in his mind though, if he does decide to go through with the purchase. If the deal goes through, do you think Facebook is getting too powerful or are they still chump change compared to Google?

Photo Courtesy of RobertScoble
Photo Courtesy of RobertScoble