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High Tech Used For Military Dogs

Although the U.S. military has a plethora of tools at its disposal, it seems that they are also using high tech gear for K-9 units. The SEAL team that raided Osama Bin Laden brought one of these dogs that was equipped with high tech gear. Although dogs are already used by law enforcement agencies, they often do not have many “features” that make them less susceptible to injury or more likely to succeed whatever mission they are set to conquer.

For some SEAL dogs, they now head-mount an infrared camera that streams live video of what the dog sees back to soldiers in other positions and back to commanders at base. The infrared camera especially works great at night time when visibility is limited. The military dedicates substantial resources to train these dogs for combat.

The dogs also carry body armor strapped around their stomachs to protect against bullets, shrapnel, stab wounds, or whatever might be headed straight to the dog’s body. An ear radio is also placed in the dog’s ear so that soldiers can give commands to the dog even when out of ear-shot. All I can think of is how terrified I’d be if one of these military dogs was charging my way.

Photo Courtesy of GottabeMobile
Photo Courtesy of RichardT