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Large CMOS Chip Designed To Save Lives

United Kingdom’s University of Lincoln has created a slim 12.8cm squared CMOS chip that is 200 times bigger than that of a laptop of PC chip. The CMOS chip is called Dynamite and 12.8cm is just about the biggest you can make a CMOS imaging chip on a standard 20cm wafer. CMOS stands for Complementary metaloxide–semiconductor.

The University’s research group, headed by Professor Nigel Allinson will use the massive new chip for medical imaging. The size of the chip will allow it to capture much more detailed images than a normal camera. The chip will be used mainly to detect cancer in its earliest stages and to track how well radiotherapy is working on shrinking tumors. It can survive years of radiotherapy, despite the constant radiation.

The Institute of Cancer Research and The Royal Marsden Hospital will make the Dynamite chip undergo a few tests in real world conditions to see the viability of integration with medical equipment. While chips typically seek a decrease in size, such as making the jump from 32 nanometers to 22 nanometers, it’s great to see the benefits of what a large chip can do. With increases in hospital technology, we may be able to save more lives.

Photo Courtesy of StaticWorld
Photo Courtesy of psit