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Google Works On Addiction To Adobe Flash

Google announced yesterday that it has added Flash support to its Instant Previews feature even though it is cautioned against using Adobe’s plugin too heavily. With support for Flash, users will be able to use a regular web browser to see a Flash-heavy, website’s animations, layout, and videos in the quick view sidebar instead of having plugin errors. The method would implement whenever a website’s details were scraped by Google’s bots but would also be turned off when the preview had to be generated on-demand.

The on-demand limitation is evidence of an unusual step away from Flash. In return, Google asks site developers to have a reasonable and seamless experience for anyone not using Flash. Google claims that this approach would help previews render properly and make the Internet a more enjoyable experience for everyone.

Although Google has a very close relationship with Adobe (Flash is implemented in the Chrome browser as well as Android 2.2), it noted that it had to “step back” and reduce its dependency on the Flash software. At this point we will just have to wait and see if this move by Google will pay off in the long run. Stay tuned for more updates.

Photo Courtesy of kiewic
Photo Courtesy of amikasan