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Pocket WiFi For $25 By Comcast

Comcast announced on Friday that it will be launching a new 3G/4G personal Mobile Hotspot, provided by Novatel Wireless. The product is known as the Mifi 4082 and is a mobile hotspot that allows up to five WiFi devices to share the Internet. This is obviously perfect for all those times you aren’t at home but need some coverage. It would probably be a great solution to camping trips or those few times where the power goes out.

The device connected to Xfinity’s Internet 2go service which provides high-speed data in 4G covered areas. The device is quite sleek and can easily fit into one’s pocket. The router provides up to 6Mbps on a 4G network and although works at a slower speed on 3G networks, provides decent coverage. The router offers a rechargeable battery that provides hours of Internet access and ranges up to 30 feet.

You can purchase the 4082 today for a $25 free with a Xfinity Internet 2go service plan. In a world of data coverage, I can see this being very useful for all those times you’re at the airport but don’t want to fork out dollars just to use the Internet for 30 minutes. Also, the small form-factor is a great way of getting what you need (Internet) while still keeping a low profile.

Photo Courtesy of RussianAndroidLifes
Photo Courtesy of CellPhoneMobile