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VIA Rolls Out Two New Chips

VIA Technologies make computer chips for power efficient x86 processor platforms. The company announced on Friday that it will be rolling out a new line of low power dual core VIA Nano X2 Series processors at the ESC (Embedded System Conference) in San Jose.

The E-series processors are extremely power efficient and feature dual-core architecture, specifically designed for 86-bit and x86 embedded system applications. The models to be released will be a 1.2GHz and a 1.6GHz chip and both processors come with a seven year warranty. Although, unless you’re a large organization, you are likely going to upgrade your processors once more long before those seven years are up!

Epan Wu, Head of the VIA Embedded Platform Division quoted in the press release, “The VIA Nano X2 E-Series demonstrates how VIA continues to lead the way in bringing highly optimized, power-efficient 64-bit x86 processors to the embedded market…With their advanced performance, these processors provide developers with exciting new embedded system design options.” Here is a list of the full product highlights:
-Industry-leading power-efficient architecture
-7 year longevity guarantee
-Advanced multi-core processing
-Native support for 64-bit operating systems
-High-performance superscalar processing
-Out-of-order x86 architecture
-Most efficient speculative floating point algorithm
-Full processor virtualization support
-Advanced power and thermal management
-VIA AES hardware security features
-Pin-to-pin compatibility with VIA processors range

Photo Courtesy of VIAGallery
Photo Courtesy of AutomaticDefense