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AT&T Gets Greedier: Caps Internet + Charges Overages

AT&T has started capping its Internet service for both broadband and DSL customers. This happens almost one year after the company implemented a similar cap on the mobile service. The new limits for U-verse are 250GB of Internet per month and 150GB for ATT DSL users. Customers who exceed their limit will be charged an extra $10 for each 50GB used. AT&T has never been greedier. The company already has overly priced data and talk plans in its wireless department, and now does not offer unlimited Internet on any platform.

This is a disgusting bit of news, especially if the T-Mobile acquisition goes through and the giant becomes even larger. Let’s think about this logically for a moment. If AT&T is this greedy and selfish now, how do you think they will behave when they swallow T-Mobile and there is one less wireless carrier on the market? Too much power is never a good thing, and it appears to me that AT&T is already abusing that power. I’ll admit that I don’t do a whole lot of Netflix or Hulu streaming, but still- Internet used to be unlimited, and now it is not and it bothers me very much, especially in a recession!

AT&T argues that the move is to prevent heavy downloaders from hogging the network and give the rest of the country a faster connection- but honestly we know a huge factor is the money involved. The 250GB limit on the U-verse would require 109 hours of HD video watching to hit the limit, but even if the average person doesn’t watch that much television, what about people who rely on Hulu Plus? Was AT&T suffering so much from lack of U-verse TV subscriptions (due to Hulu Plus) that they had to enforce these data caps to make sure customers continue to pay $60+ a month for U-verse television? Makes sense to me. While the rest of our nation improves Technology and lower prices, AT&T seeks the exact opposite. At the end of the contract, will you stick around?

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Photo Courtesy of stevencko
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