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Google Chat Integrates AIM

Over the next couple days, Google is going to get just a bit more powerful. The search engine giant will be integrating full AIM (AOL Instant Messenger) support in Google Chat. You will no longer have to sign in AIM or an AIM client (such as Trillian) to talk to the few buddies you have, who refuse to make the switch off AIM.

Users will be able to add their best friends straight from the AIM account or by adding their buddies through the Google Talk list. To add an AIM screenname to Google Talk, users will have to type the AIM screenname followed by “@aol.com.” An AIM contacts importer will be soon en route to Gmail to make this step a little easier for you.

I myself have stopped signing into a separate AIM client because I only have a few friends who still use AIM and I don’t see much of a purpose in signing in for just a couple folks. So, for me, this integration will be very useful. Likewise, AIM users can uninstall their AIM client and have one less program on their computer to worry about. Either way you look at it, it’s another useful feature from Google designed to make your busy lives just a bit easier.

Photo Courtesy of FrankGruber
Photo Courtesy of FrankGruber