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Groupon Partners W/ Live Nation For Concert Deals

Groupon has partnered up with Live Nation to bring concert deals for local events. The new campaign is called GrouponLive and will combine Groupon’s local distribution efforts with Live Nation’s roster of events to let consumers enjoy their favorite bands at a fraction of the cost. Live Nation currently operates as the world’s most popular ticketing service, Ticketmaster and runs Live Nation Concerts.

Although Live Nation reported a net loss of $54 million they were up over 100 million in revenue from just last year. The company believes that the pairing with Groupon will help Live Nation reach larger audiences. The pairing with Groupon comes just a week after AT&T announced that it will be ramping up yellowpages to bring deals to everyday consumers.

Groupon is facing immense pressure not only from AT&T, but also from Google, Facebook, and LivingSocial (funded by Amazon). We will see if this pairing gives Groupon the edge it needs to remain on the top for daily deals, but I can’t be too sure with any predictions just yet. With the new partnership, does it increase your chances of attending a concert or are ticket prices typically too high?

Photo Courtesy of shyb
Photo Courtesy of ElCabron