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Meet Samsung’s 75-inch LCD 3D TV

Companies seem to be going haywire over the new season with the release of many gorgeous new products. Samsung being one of such companies. Samsung has announced today that it will be releasing an enormous 75-inch LCD 3D TV with LED backlight. The only downside is that active shutter 3D glasses are required to view 3D video, but hey, who needs 3D anyways?

75-inches of screen real estate is absolutely enormous. The huge panel presents 1080p at a 240 Hertz refresh rate and is equipped with state-of-the-art edge lighting. The Smart TV also features Internet connectivity for all you geeks out there. Yup, watch Hulu from your enormous 75-inch TV without having to go through a middleman (such as a Xbox 360).

You’ll also be able to play your favorite online games, and write e-mails with Samsung’s QWERTY touchscreen flip remote (included). Okay, so you’re getting a 75″ flat panel with Internet support, while this will be an awesome television, it certainly isn’t cheap. The starting price is $17,600. I am expecting the high price to slice in half in a year’s time but I obviously have no way of knowing exactly when and how much. I’m not too sure that this is a reasonable price to pay for the average family struggling in the recession, which is why I think the price will reduce drastically as time moves on. Until then, check out the video to get an idea of the size of this thing!

Photo Courtesy of TheronT
Photo Courtesy of CrunchGear