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Sony Delays PSN Launch For 3 More Weeks

We’ve been covering the Sony situation with Geohotz, Anonymous, and the lawsuits involved. We know that you’ve already waited long enough for the PlayStation Network to get back online, but according to Sony’s Press Release , they are still working on delivering a system that is secure enough not to get breached again. What’s more, Sony may take as long as three more weeks and maybe longer, according to Bloomberg.

After much thought, it is better for Sony to have a bunch of angry gamers than to get hacked a second time around and get thrown through another wave of lawsuits. My advice? Sell your PlayStation 3 and get an Xbox 360. Of course, I am a bit of a cynic and don’t enjoy being strung around by large companies. If Sony had any idea that it may take as long as one month to bring the PSN back online, they should have said so. Instead, Sony kept thanking users for their patience and said that the Sony PSN will be coming “soon.” One month is not “soon” for most gamers, many of whom do not have any hobbies other than gaming. I just hope this super long wait translates to one thing: no more hacks! Are you angry about the incident? Tell us your thoughts in the comments section.

Photo Courtesy of Uzbecka
Photo Courtesy of HckySo