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49% Of Indians Access Mobile Web Only

Opera software has released a detailed report on Indian consumers. The report found that 49% of Indians are “Mobile Only Internet Users”, people who never or very rarely use the desktop for Internet. Additionally, the active number of mobile Internet users in India rose from 8 million to 25 million in just a year. What’s even more interesting is that this is found all throughout India, rather than being concentrated on metropolitan areas.

The report also indicated that Mobile Internet Users are more Internet savvy and have a better grasp of their cellphones compared to desktop users. Mobile users don’t just go to frequent websites either, they also explore new webpages and apps just as a desktop user would.

One large factor for the huge increase in mobile use are recent mobile data plans that have been made relatively cheap and offer Indian customers a wide variety of choices. It will be very interesting to see if this trend follows in the future and what this could mean for desktop computers? Will they become a rare find in India, given that the computer markets will have to adjust to consumer demands? Perhaps this will advance smartphone technology in India.

Photo Courtesy of MareenF
Photo Courtesy of RajniM