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7.5M Facebook Users Are Under 13 Years Old

Consumers who want to join Facebook must be at least 13 years old according to Facebook’s terms of service. Contrary to this fact, a new report has surfaced in Consumer Reports that claims that out of 20 million users under 18, 7.5 million of them are younger than 13 and 5 million are younger than ten years old.

Facebook issued a statement immediately before the release of the report stating that it is virtually impossible to ensure the true ages of people who sign up for Facebook. Facebook took the opportunity to state that they are glad the reports were done and believe that this would provide an excellent next-step for parents and teachers to take in protecting children under 13 from accessing Facebook and even more importantly, websites they should not be accessing.

I’d have to agree with Facebook’s stance on the matter. After all, how in the world could you verify identity over the age of 13? Ask them a question that only a 10th grader would know? Now, that would be an interesting algorithm to generate! Do you have any ideas on how Facebook can verify a registrant’s true age? Let us know your thoughts!

Photo Courtesy of SRSphoto
Photo Courtesy of LaughingSquid