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Android Conference Coming This Fall: Android Open

Android has, without a doubt, risen from “zero to hero” in a very short period of time. While there is an increasing number of developers and Android apps, there is an equal number of increasing issues of fragmentation, new app stores, and new players. As the community gets larger, there must be an event where all these Android developers can get together and socialize, right? Well, this Fall, O’Reilly will be launching Android Open as the first “big tent” Android-only conference.

The purpose of the event is to get all the Android folks together to discuss about app development, the Android platform, and business and marketing of Android apps. It will be the first conference to cover the entire Android foundation and will be the meeting point for developers, IT professionals, business professionals, and marketers to collaborate Android-related products and services.

The event seeks to provide individuals with an understanding of the direction Android is moving in. The conference will be held October 9th through 11th at the Hyatt on Embarcadero in San Francisco. There will also be workshops on October 9th and keynotes and sessions on October 10th and 11th. The conference will hold three tracks: App Development, Platform Development, and Marketing & Business to assume some organization within the large event. Registration begins today.

Photo Courtesy of geehall2
Photo Courtesy of spdorsey