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ARM Seeks Defenses Against Intel’s New Chips

ARM is expected to ramp up its efforts to keep up with Intel’s new chip making process that will enter the portable device market. ARM’s executive VP of Marketing, Ian Drew said, “The ARM ecosystem innovates along multiple points, not only the process but also through micro‐architecture and system‐on‐chip design that enables optimized efficiency for a broad range of products.” In the meanwhile, Intel is expected to produce processors that are much more efficient through its new Tri-Gate process technology.

The new ultra-low power mobile chips give Intel a solid chance of beating the long standing rival, ARM. Intel will also produce smaller and thus more energy efficient processors thanks to its new 22-nm process making chips. The Tri-Gate technology further increases energy efficiency by significantly reducing leakage while boosting each 3D transistor’s ability to absorb more from lower voltages.

Once Intel rolls out its new Atom processors, ARM will have to figure out how to stay abreast with the latest technology. Although the VP of marketing recognizes that Intel has a “long road ahead” in the mobile chip making processor, he notes that Intel is innovative enough to make it happen, and ARM has to be ready for it. He also said that ARM is testing 20nm and 22nm chips with partners, as well as collaborating with IBM for 14nm production. Drew notes that 14nm production will be at least 3-4 years away however.

Photo Courtesy of Frostwire
Photo Courtesy of manybits