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Google Music Offers 50GB Of Free Cloud Services

Google Music will launch tomorrow at Google I/O 2011. Google will offer users a digital locker that will allow songs to be stored within the cloud-based service, much like Amazon’s service. You can do this now with Google Docs but are only allowed to send one song at a time. Android streaming has also been heavily tested due mainly from a leaked Android Music app that started going around later in 2010.

There will be one key difference between Google Music and Amazon’s platform, and that is the Google service will offer ten times more storage. A free Google locker will offer 50GB of storage data that will accommodate 20,000 songs compared to Amazon’s 2,000 (for the free version.) Through Amazon’s cloud player, customers are offered the option of buying music, a convenient feature for consumers to find their favorite songs in a snap.

Although Google had originally planned to offer a more full-featured service similar to Amazon, they met resistance from some major record labels. I wonder if Google’s attempt to recover orphaned books for its own use had anything to do with the resistance experienced by music artists. In any event, beta invites for Google Music will be provided tomorrow and the search engine giant hopes to make the service available to every U.S. user within the next few weeks. Check out the video below to see a demo of the service!

Photo Courtesy of Geek
Photo Courtesy of woozie2010