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NetSuite Targets Big Business With NetSuite Unlimited

The On-demand ERP software vendor, NetSuite is expected to announce a new initiative that will focus on large enterprises at SuiteWorld today in San Francisco. The initiative is called NetSuite Unlimited and the announcement won’t be focused on a specific product, but rather a combination of partnerships, services, applications, and tech improvements designed to meet the demands of the world’s largest companies.

It seems that the software vendor is moving away smaller businesses that have previously resulted in much of NetSuite’s success since it opened in 1998. One of the new components of NetSuite Unlimited is a new partnership with Accenture.

NetSuite will also deliver Oracle’s Exadata database machine in its own datacenter to work with current data center machines. NetSuite does not plan on replacing Oracle or SAP, but rather serve a two-tier ERP strategy. NetSuite also plans to discuss a deal with Groupon. Groupon is expected to go live on NetSuite in 26 international markets, replacing hundreds of spreadsheets with a single cloud ERP system. It looks like NetSuite has some big plans to target the best and the brightest within Silicon Valley. While I encourage the ambitious agenda, I hope they do not forget the small businesses that contributed to NetSuite’s many successes!

Photo Courtesy of Groupon