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Office 365 Already Receiving Problems

Since the recent transition to Office 365, Microsoft has stated that the service has had tough times providing access for its small business users. Product manager Steve Brown wrote in a blog, “This past week some Office Live Small Business customers may have experienced intermittent access to their accounts and Web sites…The issue has been resolved and the service is now functioning normally. We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience.”

Microsoft has not yet explained what may have caused the outage or how many customers were affected from the “intermittent” issues. Office 365 was first introduced in beta form last month and serves as a collection of cloud-based versions of Microsoft business products (Microsoft Office, Exchange, Sharepoint, and Lync). Although it has promised 99.9% uptime, the service is already suffering from hiccups.

Those who are familiar with Microsoft products are probably not surprised. Microsoft has a bit of a history of screwing up but it is not the only one having troubled with its cloud based services. Apple also had problems when they transferred .Mac to MobileMe. In any case, we can only hope that this isn’t a premonition of what the kind of quality we should expect from the cloud-based service in the future. For many small businesses, future problems with the cloud could result in failure.

Photo Courtesy of leventeboda
Photo Courtesy of JKleyn