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261MPG Volkswagen, Costs $10 For Full Tank

Volkswagen has just announced its most fuel-efficient car, the XL1, a truly inspirational prototype. The car is powered by an 800CC turbodiesel engine and a small electric motor. The two seater holds 2.5 gallons of gas, so at $4 a gallon, will only cost $10 full a full tank. Since each gallon of gas brings 261 miles of driving, $10 buys you 650 miles on the road. Just to be clear, that’s like driving from San Francisco, California to Mexico on a single tank, for a single $10 bill. Truly impressive.

Since this is a prototype, Volkswagen plans on introducing its first electric vehicle in 2013. Volkswagen is planning a limited production of the XL1 in the future to determine if it’s a car that meets the needs of consumers. The car uses a lot of carbon fiber which allows it to be lightweight, weighing in just under 1,750 pounds. The lithium-ion battery provides a range of up to 22 miles in pure electric mode with zero emissions.

We don’t have any information on pricing or speed, but I am guessing the car will max out at 80 or 90MPH and will be priced around $30,000 for the expensive light-weight materials that are used. We won’t know specifics for quite a while, but it is nice to know that car manufacturers are working to provide ourselves with a cleaner future.

Photo Courtesy of Wired
Photo Courtesy of Wired