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Android Phone Will Control Your Entire House

A new Google framework was announced yesterday called [email protected] that will allow users to control everything in their homes from a single Android device. Microsoft has been working on something similar, and it is about time that Google jumped on the bandwagon. [email protected] is a development platform that will connect Android devices to home devices and appliances, Google will also focus on a set of services that will make this system work but haven’t provided any details on when we can expect such a system to go into effect.

The programmed Android device will be capable of operating many things in the home, including turning a lightbulb on and off. Another [email protected] service is called Project Tungsten and will allow Android devices to read a NFC-enabled CD and add music to the Google Music online library. Tapping the CD again will allow the music to start automatically.

Since [email protected] is a platform, Google expects developers to build new services and apps that revolve around the house, just like apps have been built for Android phones. Imagine being able to operate your entire home with just your Android phone. You could pre-heat your over to 350F on your way home from work and pop in a pizza as soon as you get home. I wonder if Apple is going to get in on this idea. When this system does get installed, just make sure your phone is password protected so unwanted individuals do not get full control over your home.

Photo Courtesy of BrendanG
Photo Courtesy of readwriteweb