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Best Buy Will Begin To Sell Electric Cars

Best Buy is considering to offer electric vehicles in the future for customers. The popular electronics store has already started talks with smaller automakers about the idea, mainly startups. Best Buy has claimed that the “conversations are going well” and that they are excited about several partnerships, although they are unable to disclose specifics at this point in time.

Best Buy notes that it is a reasonable progression for the company since they started selling charging stations for electric cars as well as electric motorcycles of the past few years. Not only does it seem logical from this point of view, but given the fact that Best Buy receives so much traffic on a weekly basis, it just makes sense for early adopters of technology to want to buy an electric car from an electronics store. Just add two and two together.

Best Buy also mentions the fact that looking at cars in a Best Buy store provides customers with the opportunity to comfortably learn more about the automobile in a non threatening environment (as opposed to a dealership). I would have to agree, it sounds like a wise decision for Best Buy and I would imagine they’d be able to sell many more cars than any standard dealership. We will update when we have more information about which car companies will be on board with Best Buy’s initiative.

Photo Courtesy of freefotouk
Photo Courtesy of asterix611