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Canonical/Ubuntu Switches To OpenStack

Canonical (the Ubuntu executor) has just switched its cloud software to open-source OpenStack. The current version of Ubuntu uses the Eucalyptus platform. The next Ubuntu server, version 11.10 will include OpenStack as the core of the company’s Ubuntu Enterprise Cloud package.

The server release will include a set of tools that will allow users to move their cloud deployments from Eucalyptus to OpenStack. Canonical still expects to support Eucalyptus as a standalone app in future versions of the server software.

Rackspace and NASA originally launched OpenStack in 2010 as a complete open-source cloud platform with NASA developing the technology for the Nebula internal cloud. The core components of Eucalyptus are open source and relies on Amazon’s Elastic Compute Cloud. Canonical also noted that 53 commercial companies including major tech companies such as Dell, Intel, and Cisco have joined the OpenStack initative. It is unclear why Canonical sought to make the switch from Eucalyptus but they may release a statement later on the reason for the switch. One could guess that the switch came from the need of greater stability, but this is just a guess. Perhaps the data loss and downtime with Amazon’s servers caused a need for concern with Canonical, which prompted the switch. Take a look at the video below to learn how to manually implement the OpenStack switch.

Photo Courtesy of fsse8info
Photo Courtesy of clarkbw