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Full Scoop On Acer + Samsung Chrome Notebooks

Google and Acer have come forth with full specs, pricing, and a release date for the two popular Chrome notebooks. We covered the story just last week when we heard news about the leak and are happy to finally offer you real photos this time. Both models will go on sale on June 15th through Amazon and Best Buy. Similarly, both notebooks boast an eight second boot-time since they both boot to a browser from a solid-state drive.

You can expect both notebooks to last an entire day on a single charge and each will have the option of prepaid 3G data. The acer notebook will feature an 11.6-inch display and a 6.5 hour battery. The Samsung model will be 12.1 inches and have an eight hour battery. Consumers can order 3G data from Verizon.

Acer’s system will cost consumers $350 for a WiFi only version and a higher price for a 3G version. The Samsung notebook will start at $429 for WiFi only and go up to $499 for a 3G version, not including the data plan required for 3G access, of course. As you can see in the photos, both notebooks are thin and sexy, and just looking at them makes you forget all about tablets, which for some, may be a good thing!

Photo Courtesy of macNN
Photo Courtesy of macNN