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Introducing AnimeWatch For Android

A recent application has just been unleashed on the Android market. According to MixToMax from XDAdevelopers, a new app called AnimeWatch allows users to view their favorite English subtitled animes (animation) on their Android devices. The app also allows users to check the latest releases, and provides users with a database of over 1200 anime series to go through! The only requirements for the app is that you have Adobe Flash to stream the content and the developer of AnimeWatch recommends using Android 2.2 or higher for optimal viewing.

You can get this app today absolutely free of charge through the marketplace. Since this application is brand new, users may experience the occasional bug here and there. I expect that later versions of the software will be the ones to really look out for. Listed below, are the full requirements and features of the new Android app. Check it out, and enjoy watching!

==== Read requirements before install! =======
* Recommended Device : Android 2.2 and 800 Mhz CPU.
* Adobe Flash required to watch flash video (Android 2.2 or higher).
* RockPlayer / VPlayer to watch direct MP4 video (For higher resolution and option for device without Flash) , otherwise it will say “Sorry , this video can’t be played.”

* Updates for new episodes every hour!
* Streaming via flash and direct link video.
* Notify when your favorite new episode is out.

Photo Courtesy of Serdar