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Microsoft Announces Window Azure Toolkit

Microsoft announced on Monday a Windows Azure Toolkit for devices that consist of assets for Windows Phone, iOS, and Android. With the toolkits, developers will be able to use the cloud-based system by sharing files with one another through the network. This allows for collaboration over widespread networks. Developers will be able to use the cloud to share requirements such as device notifications, authentication, storage, and leaderboards.

Developers will also be able to maximize the performance of each mobile device by writing code for each platform. The end goal here is to give developers the opportunity to create applications as quickly as possible and for as many platform as possible, according to Microsoft. The “quickly as possible” worries me a bit as Microsoft is a company that doesn’t worry about pushing products to quickly onto the market.

I do, however, think cloud use is a smart idea for developers to be able to work together in a seamless fashion. Developers will be able to download the package immediately to begin writing apps for the iPhone. Check out Microsoft’s full press release for details on using the Windows Azure toolkit as well as several demonstration screenshots. Take a look at the video below if you tend to geek about these things!

Photo Courtesy of technet
Photo Courtesy of technet