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Twitpic Reserves Right To Sell Users’ Photos

According to thenextweb, Twitpic (A Twitter photo-sharing service) has stated on its blog that users retain all copyrights to their photos and videos but once the media is uploaded, Twitpic is allowed to distribute that content through twitpic and affiliated partners. The blog continued to say that the even if a user’s content is deleted and no longer viewable online, Twitpic still has the rights to your content for a “commercially reasonable time” that may be “perpetual and irrevocable.”

Twitpic’s terms and conditions were recently modified after a partnership had formed with the news agency, WENN. WENN alluded that they will be charging Twitpic users for posting celebrity photos via Twitpic. Everyone who uses the service is obligated to these new rules, whether or not they read the terms and conditions. Although Twitpic claims that users “own the content” they create, the thenextweb’s Jeff Cormier believes that this states “you don’t have to use our service, but if your do, you’re giving us permissions to use your content.”

Fortunately, Twitpic’s competitor, MobyPicture will not be engaging in any sort of money-making behavior. Thenextweb recommends that users ought to upload images to a private server or use Mobypicture for uploading photos and cautions users to always read the Terms of Service in full.

Photo Courtesy of Homard
Photo Courtesy of Pcora